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We are hiring!

We are hiring a postdoctoral researcher:

  1. Biophysics and expansion microscopy, starting ASAP. Apply here:

More details regarding the specifics of the positions are included through the Interfolio links. Please contact Lydia if you have any questions.

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Welcome to the Kisley Lab

Materials at the ultimate concentration limit

We are a team of physicists, chemists, and engineers driven by curiosity to understand the world at the limit of a single molecule.

We study materials using nanoscale microscopy. We have the goal to inspire materials design through the following aims:

1) Approach medical & industrial material problems with a molecular, quantitative perspective using single molecule spectroscopy. Single molecule spectroscopy accesses heterogeneity hidden in traditional ensemble measurements.

2) Advance the single molecule materials field towards more complex, realistic conditions. We have a long-term vision of connecting the molecular results to the macroscale material performance.

3) Develop new microscopies that achieve a full physicochemical picture of molecular behavior. This includes how molecules adsorb, diffuse, and fold over space, time, and temperature.

Please check out our website for more details!

Image by National Cancer Institute
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Research & Discoveries

The Kisley Lab images molecules interacting with bio/soft/metal materials using microscopy.
We track how molecules stick, move, react, or change conformation over space, time, and temperature.

Image by Josie Weiss

Protein Dynamics in the Extracellular Matrix

How do proteins behave outside the cell?


Diffusion and Adsorption of Analytes in Separation Materials

Designing the most challenging separations from the bottom-up

Image by Tengyart

Imaging Corrosion, One Redox Reaction at a Time

Detecting & understanding rust right when it starts


New High-Resolution Microscopy Methods

Reaching new scales even with noisy or low signal data

Learn more about our research:

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Notable News

surajit poster.png

Congratulations - Ricardo's manuscript published in Analytical Chemistry


Excited to share Ricardo’s new work in Analytical Chemistry – using an optical design originally used in cells, we performed 3D super-resolution imaging of single analyte dynamics within chromatography stationary phase materials. This allows us to image commercial – not model – materials used in columns at the single-molecule scale to better connect fundamental observations to applications. Check it out here:

Lydia recognized as Allen Distinguished Investigator


The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Institute has named Lydia an Allen Distinguished Investigator along with our collaborator Prof. Laura Sanchez at UC Santa Cruz. We look forward to developing new ways to sense nutrients in cells using expansion with this support. Learn more from the Allen Institute and from our feature in the Case Daily.

Surajit's 1st place poster


Congrats to Dr. Surajit Chatterjee on being awarded 1st place in the poster session at the Cleveland Center for Membrane & Structural Biology Symposium! Surajit shared his past research on DNA dynamics w/ Prof. Nils Walter's lab & his current work imaging biomolecule dynamics in the ECM. Way to represent the lab & also show that nanoscale dynamics are just as informative as static, Angstrom-level images :)

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Contact Us

Rockefeller Bldg.
2076 Adelbert Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44106-7079


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