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Joining the Group

Excited about interdisciplinary research? We are looking to add interested scientists and engineers to our team. Our work has relevance to biophysics, physical and analytical chemistry, hard and soft materials science, chemical and biomolecular engineering, and signal processing. Prior experience in the areas of research listed on the website is not necessary - just enthusiasm to talk science, work hard, and have fun doing so!

Postdoctoral Researchers & Research Staff

We are hiring for one staff research associate and one postdoctoral researcher for our interdisciplinary projects related to 1) expansion microscopy/mass spectrometry and 2) biomolecule dynamics in the extracellular matrix. Please reach out if you are interested to learn more (even if you have a year or so until your thesis defense)!

Job postings:

Research Associate:

Postdoctoral Researcher:

Anyone interested in a postdoctoral position should contact Lydia by email and include 1) a cover letter detailing their specific interest in the lab and relation to their past research experiences, 2) a CV, and 3) an example publication. Researchers with or interested in applying for independent funding are always welcome to discuss possibilities with Lydia, including the NSF MPS Postdoctoral Fellowship, NIH NRSA F32, Burroughs Wellcome Fund, or other opportunities.

Graduate Researchers

Graduate students should first apply to the Case Western Reserve University doctorate program in either the physics or chemistry department - link to website. Please mention your interest in the Kisley lab in your personal statement. Lydia will be available to discuss specific research interests in detail after your admissions to the PhD program.

Students already in their first year as a masters or PhD graduate student at CWRU should contact Lydia to set up a meeting to discuss research interests and availability of openings in the group. Lydia highly encourages students to reach out as soon as possible to indicate their interest (first semester is preferred or early in the second semester - February at the latest; there also may even be summer research opportunities available before your first year if you are an admitted PhD student!). Due to the time, background, and safety training required to get started in experimental biophysics research, students will not be accepted to do research in the group in May if they have not talked to Lydia by the above mentioned deadlines.


Interested students can attend group meetings, shadow current researchers in the lab, and/or do a rotation. This can help them decide if the research/lab is the right fit to have the most productive start for PhD research, or if not, move onto other groups in the department.

Undergraduate Researchers

We welcome motivated undergraduate students to join and actively participate in the research, scientific communication, and social environment of our group. Prior research experience is not required. Depending on class year, undergraduates are expected to first work in a mentored position under a graduate student or postdoc, but also eventually advance to an independent project. Science also takes time and commitment. Therefore, having at least 8-10 hours scheduled a week for research is necessary during the semester and students who can participate over multiple semesters/years are preferred. Students cannot be working in another research group simultaneously while working in the Kisley lab. Undergrads are also expected to attend and participate in our group meetings, if their schedule permits. Please include in your email indicating your interest a resume with your educational background that includes major and relevant courses.

Summer research is paid, while semester work is typically for credit or non-credit experience unless external funding is applied for/available. Students interested in research over the summer are highly encouraged to apply for SOURCE funding and should discuss this with Lydia in late fall/early spring semester (deadline in February). Undergrads in the group have been successful in achieving this funding in the past.

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