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The Minds That Drive Our Findings

Contact information for group members can be found at


Dr. Stephanie Kramer

Postdoctoral Researcher

Super-resolution correlation imaging in 3D
PhD Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University
BSc Chemistry, Elizabethtown College


Dr. Zechariah Pfaffenberger

Postdoctoral Researcher

Single-molecule imaging of corrosion

PhD Chemistry, University of Michigan

BS Chemistry and Humanities, Indiana Wesleyan University


Ricardo Monge Neria

Graduate Researcher

3D imaging of separation materials
PhD Candidate in Physics, CWRU
Bachelors in Physics, John Carrol University


Vignesh Venkataramani

Graduate Researcher

Expansion microscopy using force
PhD Candidate in Physics, CWRU
Bachelors in Physics, Rochester Institute of Technology


Mai Antarasen

Graduate Researcher

Biomolecule dynamics in crowded and confined environments

PhD Candidate in Physics, CWRU

Bachelors in Physics and Astronomy, Pennsylvania State University


Mark Siegel

Graduate Researcher

Single molecule imaging of corrosion

PhD Candidate in Physics, CWRU

Master of Arts in Physics, Western Michigan University

Bachelor of Arts in Physics, Illinois Wesleyan University


Angela Noreck

Graduate Researcher

Molecular imaging of chromatography under column conditions


Aavash Shakya

Graduate Researcher

Extracellular matrix

PhD Candidate in Physics, CWRU
PG Diploma in Quantitative Life Science, International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)
Master of Science in Physics, Kathmandu University
Bachelors of Science in Applied Physics, Kathmandu University


Albert Kim

Undergraduate Researcher

Biomolecule diffusion within hydrogels synthesized with controlled porosity

CWRU Class of 2025, Biomedical Engineering


Vivian Wattle

Undergraduate Artist in Residence

Stories of Science in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens

Cleveland Institute of Art Class of 2025, Life Sciences Illustration


Lily Andrews

High School Researcher

Benchtop spectroscopic detection of corrosion

Hathaway Brown's Science and Engineering Research Program

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