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Stories of Science in the
Cleveland Cultural Gardens

We believe telling stories through history & relating it to someone’s personal culture & location is a powerful way to inspire interest in science.

Cleveland is a multicultural city & home to many historical & present scientists, engineers, & inventors. The city celebrates the cultures & people through the Cleveland Cultural Gardens — a community park that features the history of 36 (and growing!) cultural groups — and affiliated local cultural organizations.

We use the Cultural Gardens to share stories of scientists - sharing both their personal history & scientific contributions - with the community.  Read on to learn more about the gardens, scientists, & Cleveland below. Check out our video series on YouTube & posts on Twitter.

Where are Scientists in the Gardens?
Click the map below to go to a list of where you can take a tour to find scientists in the gardens.


We really encourage you to visit in person! The park is a beautiful place anytime of year to walk or bike. Info about parking options & visiting are at the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation webpage. For the gardens with scientists, we recommend a central parking location on East Blvd. near the Montessori school by the Slovak & Italian garden.

Photos & Videos of
Scientists in the Gardens

Screenshot 2024-07-09 144936_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2024-07-08 121244_edited_edit

We are thankful to the National Science Foundation CSDM-A #2142821 for support of this work, along with CWRU students Tiffany Tsai, Katherine Barber, and Vivian Wattle for their contributions.

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