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Monge Neria, R.; Zeeshan, M.; Kapoor, A.; Kim, T. K. J.; Hoven, N.; Pigott, J. S.; Gurkan, B.; Duval, C. E.; Saylor, R. A.; Kisley, L.


arXiv [2023.16266]

Chatterjee, S.*; Kramer, S.*; Wellnitz, B.; Kim, A.; Kisley, L.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B
2023, 127, 4430-4440.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcb.3c00941

*Equal Contribution

Invited Article, Young Investigator Issue

Ravindran, R.; Bacellar, I. O. L.; Castellanos-Girouard, X.; Wahba, H. M.; Zhang, Z.; Omichinski, J. G.; Kisley, L.; Michnick, S. W.

2023, 617, 608-615.
DOI: 10.1038/s41586-023-06044-1


Gatland, Z.; Madrid, D.; Siegel, M.; Kisley, L.

Materials Chemistry Frontiers

2023, 7, 2260-2265.

DOI: 10.1039/D2QM01309F

Invited Article - Frontiers Emerging Investigator Series

Messenger, H.; Madrid, D.; Saini, A.; Kisley, L.

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry


DOI: 0.1007/s00216-023-04639-1

Invited Article - Young Investigators in (Bio-)Analytical Chemistry 2023 Issue

Monge Neria, R.; Kisley, L.

Analytical Chemistry

2023, 95, 2245–2252.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.2c03753


Kisley, L.; Serrano, K. A.; Davis, C. M.; Guin, D.; Murphy, E.; Gruebele, M.; Leckband, D. E.

Soluble zwitterionic poly(sulfobetaine) destabilizes proteins


2018, 19, 3894-3901.

Journal Front Cover

Featured News Story: Beckman Institute

Kisley, L.; Serrano, K. A.; Guin, D.; Kong, X.; Gruebele, M.; Leckband, D. E.

Direct imaging of protein stability and folding kinetics in hydrogels

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

2017, 9, 21606-21617.

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Kisley, L.; Patil, U.; Dhamane, S.; Kourentzi, K.; Tauzin, L. J.; Willson, R. C.; Landes, C. F.

Competitive multicomponent anion exchange adsorption of proteins at the single molecule level.


2017, 142, 3127-3131.

Indrasekara, S.; Shuang, B.; Holenhorst, F.; Hoener, B.; Hoggard, A.; Chen, S.; Villarreal, E.; Cai, Y.-Y.; Kisley, L.; Derry, P.; Chang, W.-S.; Zubarev, E.; Ringe, E.; Link, S.; Landes, C.

Optimization of spectral and spatial conditions to improve super-resolution imaging of plasmonic nanoparticles. 

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

2017, 8, 299-306.


Shen, H.; Tauzin, L. J.; Wang, W.; Hoener, B.; Shuang, B.; Kisley, L.; Hoggard, A.; Landes, C. F.

Single-molecule kinetics of protein adsorption on thin nylon 6,6 films.

Analytical Chemistry

2016, 88, 9926-9933.


Dominguez-Medina, S.*; Kisley, L.*;Tauzin, L. J.; Hoggard, A.; Shuang, B.; Indrasekara, S.; Wang, L. –Y.; Derry, P. J.; Zubarev, E. R.; Landes, C. F.; Link, S.

Adsorption and unfolding of a single protein triggers nanoparticle aggregation.

ACS Nano

2016, 10, 2103-2112.

*Equal contribution

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Kisley, L.; Poongavanam, M. –V.; Kourentzi, K.; Willson, R. C.; Landes, C. F.

pH dependence of single protein adsorption and diffusion at a liquid chromatographic interface.

Journal of Separation Science

2016, 39, 682-688.

Journal Front Cover

Poongavanam, M. -V.; Kisley, L.; Kourentzi, K.; Landes, C.F.; Willson, R.C.

Ensemble and single-molecule biophysical characterization of D17.4 DNA aptamer-IgE interactions.

BBA Proteins and Proteomics

2016, 1864, 154-164.

Kisley, L.; Brunetti, R.; Tauzin, J.; Shuang, B.; Yi, X.; Kirkeminde, A. W.; Higgins, D. A.; Weiss, S.; Landes, C. F.

Characterization of porous materials by fcsSOFI.

ACS Nano

2015, 9, 9158-9166.

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GitHub link available! Please check out the “Code Packages” tab

Kisley, L.; Landes, C. F.

Molecular approaches to chromatography using single molecule spectroscopy.

Analytical Chemistry

2015, 87, 83-98. 

Invited Review

Shuang, B.; Cooper, D.; Taylor, J. N.; Kisley, L.; Chen, J.; Wang, W.; Li, C. B.; Komatsuzaki, T.; Landes, C. F.

Fast step transition and state identification for discrete single-molecule FRET data analysis.

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

2014, 5, 3157-3161. 

GitHub link to code

Tauzin, L. J.; Shuang, B.; Kisley, L.; Mansur, A. P.; Leon, A. d.; Advincula, R. C.; Landes, C. F.

Charge-dependent transport switching of single molecular ions in a weak polyelectrolyte multilayer.


2014, 30, 8391-8399. 

Kisley, L.; Chen, J.; Mansur, A. P.; Dominguez-Medina, S.; Kulla, E.; Kang, M.; Shuang, B.;  Kourentzi, K.; Poongavanam, M. -V.; Dhamane, S.; Willson, R.C.; Landes, C.F.

High ionic strength narrows the population of sites participating in protein ion-exchange adsorption: A single-molecule study.

Journal of Chromatography A

2014, 1343, 135-142. 

Kisley, L.; Chen, J.; Mansur, A. P.; Shuang, B.; Kourentzi, K.; Poongavanam, M. -V.; Chen, W. -H.; Dhamane, S.; Willson, R.C.; Landes, C.F.

Unified superresolution experiments and stochastic theory provide mechanistic insight into protein ion-exchange adsorptive separations.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA

2014, 111, 2075-2080. 

Featured News Stories: NSF Science 360, Rice University, Laboratory News, BioScience Technology, LCGC, SeparationsNOW, Futurity, Science Daily, Science Newsline, R&D Magazine

Shuang, B.; Chen, J.; Kisley, L.; Landes, C. F.

Troika of single particle tracking programing: SNR enhancement, particle identification, and mapping.

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

2014, 16, 624-634.

Invited Perspective

GitHub link to code

Chen, J.; Enriquez, A. B.; Kisley, L.; Shuang, B.; Landes, C. F.

Super-resolution mbPAINT for optical localization of single-stranded DNA.

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

2013, 5, 9338-9343. 

Feature News Stories: Rice University, Novus Light, BioNews Texas, Science Daily, AZOptics, MedGadget

Kisley, L.; Chang, W. –S.; Cooper, D. R.; Mansur, A. P.; Landes, C.F.

Extending single molecule fluorescence observation time by amplitude modulated excitation.  

Methods and Applications in Fluorescence

2013, 1, 037001.

Shuang, B.; Byers, C. P.; Kisley, L.; Wang, L. –Y.; Zhao, J.; Link, S.; Landes, C. F.

Improved analysis for determining diffusion coefficients from short, single-molecule trajectories with photoblinking.  


2013, 29, 228-234. 

GitHub link to code

Daniels, C. R.; Kisley, L.; Kim, H.; Chen, W.; Vivek, M.; Reznik, C.; Kourentzi, K.; Willson, R.C.; Landes, C.F.

Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy study of protein transport and dynamic interactions with clustered-charge peptide adsorbents.

Journal of Molecular Recognition

2012, 25, 435-442. 

Selected as a Journal Highlight: SeparationsNOW 

Heckel, J. C.; Kisley, L.; Mannion, J. M.; Chumanov, G.  

Synthesis and self-assembly of polymer and polymer coated Ag nanoparticles by the reprecipitation of binary mixtures of polymers.


2009, 25, 9671–9676. 

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