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Lab Alumni


Daniel Madrid

Currently - Engineer at Qualus

Statistical modeling corrosion at the single molecule scale
CWRU Class of 2023, Electrical Engineering


Jack Begley

Currently - PhD student in Physics, University of Chicago

Fabrication and electron microscopy of metal films (Senior Project)
CWRU Class of 2023, Engineering Physics


Tiffany Tsai

Undergraduate Researcher

Stories of science in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens
CWRU Class of 2024, Chemical Biology and History and Philosophy of Science


Zhanda Chen

3D printing and design of expansion microscopy device & application to extracellular matrix characterization
CWRU Class of 2024, Biomedical Engineering


Zack Gatland

Currently - Technical Staff, Mactac

CWRU MS Class of 2022, Physics

Using fluorescence to sense redox reactions in organic solvents


Sofia Splawska

Expansion microscopy using force
CWRU Class of 2023, Physics


David Ortega

Currently - Environmental Physicist
Graduate Student, CWRU
Masters in Physics, U. Houston, Clear Lake
Bachelors in Physics, UCLA


Anoushka Paranjape

Simulating analyte diffusion dynamics in separations
CWRU Class of 2023, Applied Mathematics


Zhenghao Zheng

Currently - PhD student in Physics, Texas A&M

Cross-correlation microscopy image analysis of peroxisomal import proteins
Masters Student, CWRU
Bachelors in Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China


Bill Calabrase

Currently - Quality Electrodynamics (QED)

Protein adsorption to biomaterials
Masters in Physics 2021, CWRU
BSc Physics, Cleveland State University


Shawn Yoshida

Currently - PhD student in Biophysics, Caltech

Anomalous diffusion in biomaterials (Senior project)
CWRU Class of 2021, Physics and Math


Andrew Maytin

Currently - PhD student in Physics, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Expansion microscopy using force (Senior project)
CWRU Class of 2021, Engineering Physics


Nam Vo

Correlation analysis development to image diffusion
CWRU Class of 2022, Physics


Hannah Messenger

Currently - Masters of Music student in Horn Performance, New England Conservatory

Cellular automation simulations of fluorescent detection of corrosion (Senior project)
CWRU Class of 2020, Physics


Will Schmid

Currently - NSF GRFP PhD student in Electrical Engineering at Rice University

Correlation analysis development to image diffusion (Senior project)
CWRU Class of 2020, Physics


Yibin Mao

Fluorophore synthesis for metal ion detection
CWRU Class of 2022, Chemistry


Dushani Dunukara

Kinetic analysis of single molecule FRET data
BSc Physics, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

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